Central Flight Training offers the following CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence) Training

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our CPL courses on either a full time basis, or on a timescale to suit you. No payment is required up front, we just ask for a deposit of £200 to secure a place on the course. Commercial Pilot Licence training takes place five days per week (with limited availability at weekends by prior arrangement) during licensed airfield hours at our Midlands location in the UK. Central Flight Training Instructors have a 100% first series pass rate for the CPL course.

Commercial Pilot Licence

The Part-FCL CPL(A) course requires the student to have an ICAO PPL with a minimum of 150 hours total time, a night rating and passes in either the Part-FCL ATPL or CPL theoretical knowledge examinations. The student must have a total of 200 hours total time including 100 Pilot in Command (P1/PIC) to take the CPL(A) flight test as distinct from the course requirements, and we offer a range of options to achieve this in the most efficient way possible.

At present Central Flight Training offers CPL courses on a Multi Engine aircraft, with the CPL Skills Test comprising both CPL and MEP Class Rating Skills Tests.  This requires the MEP Class Rating course to be completed before commencing the CPL course, but offers a small saving with combined tests.

The Multi Engine CPL course consists of 25 hours of flight training covering navigation, general handling and instrument flying. While the first portion of the course can be completed on a simple single engine aircraft, the test must be taken on a more advanced multi engine aircraft and to satisfy this requirement we make use of our BE76 Duchess. We also make use of our approved FNPT flight simulator on the CPL course.

Once the course has been satisfactorily completed, a test with a CAA designated CPL Flight Examiner will be arranged to be conducted from our Midlands base.

We can conduct a Commercial Pilot Licence training course on a full or part time basis to suit your individual needs. For current prices, please Click Here.

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