Flight Instructor Course Instructor

The FIC Instructor course is designed to teach a qualified flight instructor the skills and techniques necessary to train new instructors. The course is conducted by our resident Flight Instructor Examiner (FIE) and usually lasts two days.

The applicant should already be fully familiar with the PPL syllabus, lesson plans and theoretical knowledge underpinning the lessons, thus the aim of the course is to enhance the applicant’s ability to “teach the teacher”.

The exact content of the course will depend upon the experience of the applicant, and will cover aspects of all qualifications held, for instance PPL, IMC, Night, Aerobatics, Multi Engine etc.

Before beginning a course of FIC Instructor training, the candidate must have at least 500 hours experience as instructor in aeroplanes.

We can conduct a FIC Instructor training course on a full or part time basis to suit your individual needs. For current prices, please contact us.

To book, call us on 01283 575106, e-mail us here or complete the enquiry form