Central Flight Training offers the following Instrument Rating (IR) Training from our base in the Midlands

We pride ourselves on being able to offer any of our Instrument Rating (IR) courses on either a full time basis, or on a timescale to suit you. No payment is required up front; we just ask for a small deposit to secure a place on the course. Commercial & Instrument Rating Training takes place five days per week (and at weekends by prior arrangement) during licensed airfield hours at our Central UK location.

All Central Flight Training IR and CB-IR courses now include Performance Based Navigation training to meet EASA regulatory changes.

Competency Based Modular Instrument Rating (CB-IR)

The introduction of the Competency Based Modular Instrument Rating allows an alternative path to gaining and Instrument Rating for pilots who have prior experience of IFR flying gained under either national or ICAO licences or ratings.

To gain a CB-IR, the candidate must have passed at least the CB-IR theoretical knowledge examinations unless exempt and be in possession of an EASA Part-FCL licence with an appropriate class rating to which the Instrument Rating may be added. The CB-IR may be completed on a Single Engine or Multi Engine aircraft as appropriate, and will give the holder the privileges of the full Instrument Rating by day or night (provided a Night Rating is held).

The exact amount of training required to achieve the qualification will depend entirely upon the candidate’s prior experience and qualifications. The course will begin with an assessment carried out in our simulator to determine the phase of training at which the applicant will begin. A mix of simulator and aircraft training will then be conducted to ready the applicant to take the UK Instrument Rating Test on the appropriate aircraft class.

We can conduct a CB Instrument Rating training course on a full or part time basis to suit your individual needs. For current prices, please contact us as the exact amount and platform of training will depend on your individual situation. We are also happy to give training and advice for conversion of ICAO Instrument Ratings where the applicant has logged at least 50 hours of IFR time as PIC and therefore requires no mandatory training before taking an EASA Instrument Rating Test.

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Instrument Rating (IR)

The Instrument Rating can be added to an ICAO PPL (provided the Part-FCL ATPL or IR examinations have been passed, together with the minimum experience requirements) or CPL to allow the holder to fly in accordance with the Instrument Flight Rules inside controlled airspace.

The training course can either be flown entirely in the aircraft, or split between our approved simulator and the aircraft, either single or multi engine.

The Instrument Rating for a CPL holder requires a course of 45 instrument hours, during which time the student will learn to fly the aircraft by sole reference to the flight instruments, handle emergencies and fly precision and non-precision instrument approaches. This is usually done in a multi engine aircraft for CPL holders; however a single engine IR would also “freeze” the ATPL exams for a CPL holder. The flight test must be flown with a CAA approved Instrument Rating Examiner.

For a PPL holder, the instrument rating requires at least 50 hours of instrument instruction, again split between our approved flight simulator and in either a single or multi engine aircraft.

Central Flight Training offers both Single Engine and Multi Engine Instrument Rating Training to suit your needs. We aim to offer as much flexibility as possible within the course, and as such we can tailor a personalised course depending on the situation. Contact us for full details and availability.

We can conduct an Instrument Rating training course on a full or part time basis to suit your individual needs. For current prices, please Click Here.

To book, call us on 01283 575106, e-mail us here or complete the enquiry form