Flight Instructor Certificate

The FI Certificate is valid for 3 years, and to revalidate a Flight Instructor Certificate, the applicant must complete two of the following requirements:

  • Complete at least 50 hours of flight instruction on aeroplanes as FI, CRI, IRI or as Flight Examiner during the period of validity of the rating, 10 hours of this being instruction for the IR if privileges to instruct for the IR are to be revalidated.
  • Attend a FI refresher seminar approved by the CAA within the validity period of the rating.
  • Pass a FI(A) assessment of competence with an authorised Flight Instructor Examiner within the 12 months preceding the expiry of the certificate.

Our resident Flight Instructor Examiner (FIE) is available during training hours for revalidations and renewals of Flight Instructor and Class Rating Instructor Certificates, as well as Flight Examiner re-certification.

Single Pilot Instrument Rating

The IR-SP is valid for 12 months, and must be revalidated by proficiency check. The LPC for an IR may be combined with that for a SEP or MEP rating. Alternate revalidations may be carried out in an FNPT II flight simulator.

The renewal requirements differ slightly to revalidation requirements in that pilots with ratings that have expired are required to be assessed at an Approved Training Organisation to determine any required refresher training, and renewal LPCs cannot be flown in a simulator.

Central Flight Training can organise tailored courses of refresher training as required by the EASA Aircrew Regulation, taking advantage of our approved flight simulator and range of IFR equipped aircraft. Once this is complete our in-house Examiner will usually conduct the test.


Central Flight Training are able to incorporate Performance Based Navigation training and testing into your next IR event, in either one of our aircraft or your own suitably equipped aircraft.

SEP Land Class Rating

A Single Engine Piston (Land) class rating is valid for 24 months and can be revalidated by experience or proficiency check. In order to revalidate by experience, the pilot must produce logbook evidence that in the 12 months preceeding the expiry date of the rating they: have completed 12 hours of flight time in SEP or TMG aircraft (as appropriate) to include 6 hours as pilot-in-command, 12 take-offs and landings and a training flight or flights comprising at least 1 hour with an approved Flight Instructor or Class Rating Instructor. The appropriate logbook entry/s must be countersigned by the instructor.

In order to revalidate by proficiency check, the candidate must pass a Licence Proficiency Check (LPC) with an approved flight examiner. If this is passed within three months of the expiry date of the rating, no loss of rating validity will be incurred – the new rating expiry date will be calculated from the previous rating expiry date. If the LPC is passed outside three months from the expiration date, the new rating expiry date will be calculated from the date of test.

 MEP Land Class Rating

A Multi Engine Piston (Land) class rating is valid for 12 months, and must be revalidated by proficiency check with an authorised Examiner. As with the SEP rating, if the LPC is carried out within the three months prior to the expiry date of the rating, the new rating expiry date will be based on the expiry date of the current rating, otherwise from the date of the passed LPC.

There is a requirement for revalidation that the applicant has flown at least 10 route sectors (take-off, cruise of at least 15 minutes, arrival, approach and landing) within the validity of the rating, however this requirement can be substituted by a single route sector flown with an authorised Examiner as part of the LPC.

Should an MEP rating have lapsed, the candidate is required to be assessed at an Approved Training Organisation to determine any required refresher training before taking a LPC with an approved Flight Examiner in accordance with the Aircrew Regulation. The MEP renewal/revalidation may also be combined with an Instrument Rating renewal/revalidation.

UK IMC Rating

An Instrument Meteorological Conditions rating is valid for 25 months and can be revalidated by flight test with an approved examiner. If the candidate can provide logbook evidence that in the period between rating issue or the last revalidation they have carried out a let-down and approach to DH/MDH, a go-around and missed approach procedure to the satisfaction of an approved flight instructor, then they need only be tested on one type of approach. Otherwise, two approaches, using different aids must be demonstrated during the test.

Flight Examiner Certificate

A Flight Examiner (PPL/LAPL) or Class Rating Examiner (VFR) certificate is usually valid for a period of three years after which the examiner must be re-certified. At Central Flight Training we can assist with every stage from initial training and assessment through to the revalidation /renewal process.

In order to be re-validate a flight examiner certificate, the applicant is required to attend a Flight Examiner refresher seminar in the final year of validity, and conduct two skill tests or checks per year including an assessment of competence with a Senior Examiner. For renewal of a flight examiner certificate further standardisation training may be required at an ATO dependent upon the expiry. The assessment of competence usually takes the form of a mock skills test or LPC during which the Senior Examiner will act as the dummy candidate being assessed. Upon successful completion of both elements the examiner certificate will be re-issued by the CAA.

See our FE Refresher Seminar Page for details of seminar availability and contents, and complete our enquiry form or call us for details, availability and pricing of FE Assessments of Competence.

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